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Breaking a horse in is the beginning of its career so a fundamental stage of any horses life. Although we vary our regime to adapt to each individual horse the end goal is the same – To produce a horse that is relaxed and accepting of the rider and their aids. And to be ready to be placed in a training environment.

We give our horses in for backing plenty of time. They all go long reining not only around the gallop but up and down banks and around the 102 acres of the stud. This is valuable time spent, horses learn to find their feet, steer and very importantly stand. They are all made to lead and be confident in going in front and have horses in front and behind them. They will then turn on 2 lines in the arena learning to keep balanced on a circle and develop nice mouths. We spend plenty of time leaning and sitting on them in the box before they are ridden away. They have to be accepting and happy with the riders weight and the riders movements before they are ready to come out of the box and be ridden away in a lunge pen. They will then be ridden in the arena learning to bend and be balanced turning figures of eight ensuring every horse will lead. They quickly progress onto the gallop where they have to learn to be happy upsides and with horses all around them.

We see well over a hundred yearlings in for breaking every year. It’s a busy and exciting time that we look forward to every year. Our facility, our staff and the system we use is set up to be able to break horses in a safe and educational environment. We take pride in the horses we have broken in and truly enjoy seeing horses ready to embark on their racing career.