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Our site and facility at Great Bradley Oak Stud has very much been set up towards pre training racehorses. We cater for any pre training need whether it is a horse post operation or injury that needs to be brought back into controlled walking then progress onto ridden work. Or horses already in ridden work that are backward types that need time to strengthen and mature but still in an educational environment.

We can continue any work regime with the use of the gallop so horses in full canter work needing to maintain a level of fitness can do so here. We are totally lead by our clients requirements.

We have carried out many endoscopes, our gallop is more than suitable for going on that bit quicker if required. All the facilities at Great Bradley Oak Stud are for private use enabling us to meet every horses fitness and work requirements.

We often use the arena to school backward and weak horses helping them to improve topline, balance and engagement from behind. We are lucky enough to have very experienced riders from high level eventing backgrounds that are very capable of doing flatwork with the horses that will benefit from it.

We also offer rehabilitation, sales preparation and have extensive paddocks for spelling.

Please do contact us to discuss your requirements