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Here at Great Bradley Oak Stud we offer a rehabilitation service to any racehorse that has sustained an injury, or requires pre and post Op care. We have very quiet surroundings so any horses that are on box rest are inclined to settle very well. All of our stables have full rubbered floors, some have rubbered walls providing a safe environment for horses on confinement.

We have a vet box that has full padded walls with a rubber matted floor and direct access to plug sockets. Making it ideal for any x rays, scans or medicating that vets may need to carry out on site.

When bringing horses back into light exercise such as hand walking, our yard is completely enclosed with gates on all entrances. We have the arena that provides a very safe level surface to walk horses on, also fully enclosed.
We always use veterinary rehabilitation programmes combined with our close monitoring of each individual horse to re-introduce them to conditioning exercise. Our elite facilities enable us to provide horses with an ideal setting to coming back into work in as safe an environment as possible.

We are have regular visits from Baker and Mc-Veigh, NEH and Rossdales. But are very open to using whichever vets our clients use or wish to use.